Opening hours during the current situation of emergency

Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

To lessen and stop the spread on coronavirus (COVID-19), Estonian Government has declared a state of emergency. From March 27 several shops and services in Arsenal are closed. Below you can find the shops and services that remain open.

Arsenal Center supports a call made by the Estonian Traders Association and Selver to leave the first hours of the day for the elderly and other visitors that are considered in higher risk, to do their essential shopping. We invite other visitors to come after 11 AM.

Opening hours are:

  • Selver Mo-Su 8-22
  • Apotheka pharmacy Mo-Fr 10-19, Sa-Su 10-18
  • Bio4You ecostore Mo-Fr 11-19, Sa-Su 12-18

The Post Office in Arsenal is closed. With any questions or concerns please call Omniva info number 661 6616.

Cafés that can provide only takeaway or food delivery services: 

  • Kebabi Wabrik Mo-Su 12-19
  • Hesburger Mo-Sa 10-21, Su 10-20
  • Poseidon Mo-Su 11-21
  • SushiArt Mo-Sa 11-21, Su 11-20
  • Gourmet Club Mo-Su 10-18
  • Ginger Mo-Su 12-21

Shops and services that have separate entrances from the outside of the center:

  • Port Desina (entrance only from outside) Mo-Th 9-21, Fr 9-22, Sa 10-22, Su 10-21
  • Kalamaja Pagarikoda (entrance only from outside) Mo-Fr 8-18, Sa 9-18, Su 10-17
  • Jardin Lilled (entrance only from outside) Mo-Su 9-21
  • Kalaarsenal Mo-Su 12-17
  • Euroclean Mo-Fr 10-18, Sa-Su closed
  • Cityalko Mo-Su 10-22
  • Onninen Express for business customers Mo-Fr 7.30 – 17

Parcel terminals are opened as usual:

  • Itella SmartPOST Mo-Su 8-22
  • Omniva open 24h
  • DPD open 24h

More information about how to protect yourself and others against spreading the virus can be found on the Health Board’s website. Arsenal center has put extra measures to work to disinfect the open spaces in the center. We urge everybody to follow the instructions of the Health Board and the Government of the Republic of Estonia to stop the spread of the virus.

Stay healthy!

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